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Douglas and Louisa Kriedemann

 Celeste and Mike Steel


Bradley and Tanya Steel

Elliott, Diana

 Ian and Charmaine Kriedemann

Lisa and Werner Stassen

Hayley and Ruben Kotze

Gabriela Joy, Alexander

 Brian and Louise Kriedemann

Ryan and Samala Kriedemann

Robyn, Nathan, Caelyn, Jaden, Jaime

Rudi and Tracey Kriedemann

Tessa-Leigh, Hayden

 Lambert and Heidi Kriedemann

Olivia and Barry Spies

Alana, Mia

Bianca and Garth

Luke, Cole, Roarke


Kevin and Lauren


    Personal Pages

This is the home page of the Kriedemann Family, specifically those who are direct descendants of Douglas and Louisa Kriedemann. We trust that our many friends and relations will use this site to keep in touch with the developments in and around our family. The pics below were taken at moms 90th birthday.


You can reach us at 083 625 7662 (Brian) and 083 450 9390 (Ryan). We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail addresses: and

Wilhelm & Wilhelmine had 3 sons who were instrumental in continuing the Kriedemann family line to where it is today - their family trees are shown separately below :

Tree of Christian Kriedemann Born 1861 - (Detailed Version)

Tree of August Kriedemann Born 1869 - (Detailed Version)

Tree of Gustav Kriedemann Born 1859 - (Detailed Version)