Douglas Edward Kriedemann passed away peacefully at Fairlands Old Age Home in East London on Tuesday 20th August 2013 in his 92nd year.

Deeply mourned and sadly missed by his children Ian, Brian and Lambert, their wives, son-in-law Mike, his grand children, great grand children, family and friends.

Douglas Edward Kriedemann - 15th April 1921 to 20th August 2013

Dougles Edward Kriedemann's Birth Certificate

Earliest picture of Dad with his Dad, Mom and elder sister Winney and brother Eric

Dad with Sunday School group - Winney on left and Dad on right back

The only sporting achievement I am aware of - He represented his college in the Welter Weight division

Dad and his siblings at Karl and Anna's 40th Wedding anniversary (Eric, Winney, Laureen and Douglas)

With attachments - Ellie, Boetie John, Dudley and Louisa

Marraige Certificate to Louisa Bailey

On the Big Day!

Dad with Celeste in Pretoria

 Mom, Dad and Kids (Ian, Brian, Lambert and Celeste) - around the time they left Uitenhague in 1954

Dads Ordination Certificate for the Baptist Ministry

Reverend DE Kriedemann

Dads most loved pastime - Glen Muir outside Cottage 5 with the Vauxhall CFD48 - Alice days 1954 to 1963

Church in the Winterberg that Dad preached at every 5th Sunday

Louwskraal Cottage where we stayed over the Winterberg week end

Dads Popeye face (He also loved spinach!)

 Dad and Mom in the early Wynberg Days (1963 to 1974)

 Bathing Sputnik on a Saturday afternoon at the Plumstead manse

Sputnik was a fisherman to the core. Seen with catch in his mouth!

One that did not get away!

One of Dads proudest moments

Taking occupation of the new manse in Amanzimtoti (1981 to 1989)

Celebrations in Amanzimtoti

Nick and Francis Hoole have remained active friends and supporters of Dad ever since the Amanzimtoti days


In 1990 Dad and Mom moved to East London to finally retire - They moved into Follen Court, Southernwood, East London


The Family in 1992 in Edgemead

Dad and Mom moved to Fairlands Cottage M13 in October 1998 - The 1st House they owned - Thanks to Mike and Family

The dedicated friendship and support of the Thomas family was indispensible - especially after Moms death in December 2007

Sad day - Celeste dies of cancer - Dad and Lucy at the commemorative plaque

Dad and Mom at Moms 80th Birthday

Another proud moment

Dads long-time friend and brother-in-law (you guessed it - Fishing) in April 2001

It looks as if they have the same urge!

The end of an era - one of the last times they would do this together

What can I say!

Dad and Moms 60th Wedding Celebrations


Life long Family Friends Edie and Mollie Seeney and their families


The friendship of Pastor Terry Morrell and Rev George Dennison even in the hard times was amazing! We will forever be grateful.

Family photograph at 60th Wedding Celebrations

Family photograph at Moms 90th

A beautiful Blacktail at 90 years old!

Four generations of fisherman

Dad and his sons

A beautiful Blacktail at 91 years old!

Dad in March 2013 at almost 92 years  - what a recovery from Sept 2012 pneumonia hospitalization - frailer but loving every moment!

Dad loved the grandchildren and even at 92 welcomed their early morning visits at Glen Muir.

Remembering the good times at Glen Muir in March 2013. Dads plea was that we keep these family gatherings going.

A new era has started! The foundations have been laid.

Douglas Edward Kriedemann - may you rest in peace! A Husband, Father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father, Confidant, Friend and Advisor.

QUOTES by friends and family:

    He was a man of great humility and respect and loved by our family (Chris an Lynne Hattingh)

    Doug was the ideal father-in-law for me; he completely overlooked all my faults! Over the years since then I have learnt that he was not only totally non-judgmental; he was also a great friend and advisor. (Mike Steel)

    He was such a wise, gentle and godly man and one of the people in my life I have most admired. I enjoyed his stories of the family growing up, his love for granny and their dependence on God. (Lucy Steel)

    Doug is hearing “Well done Good and Faithful servant” (Mollie Seeney)

    Not only has my best friend, pastor, loyal prayer partner, confidant and so many more been called home to be with his loyal life partner, but there will be rejoicing and no more pain. (Elza)

    Another grand soldier for his master has ended his life triumphantly. I will miss your Dad too. He was always a good friend to us. (Ken Stephen)

    Your Dear Dad will always be lovingly remembered with great respect and dignity. (Mike and Marge Coleman)

    Grandpa, may you be remembered and distinguished by your grandchildren - the crown of the aged. I see your legacy established in our lives and I am honoured to be a member of the line of Douglas Kriedemann. We will miss you greatly, and we will remember you every time we get together as a family, we will remember you every time we go fishing in the sea. We will remember you - until we meet again. (Ryan)

    A man among men. A leader of leaders. A precious man. A Christ-like man. I was privileged to celebrate his birthday with you all. I remember his warmth, words, smile with appreciation and thanksgiving. (Roy Seeney)

    Floods of beautiful treasured memories dried my tears and brought peace to my inner being! I can just imagine the “Welcoming Party” – all our loved ones – waiting for him to enter his Eternal home! His presence, phone chats and ‘pearls of wisdom’ will be sorely missed. (Charles and Dawn Friderichs)

    A  Man amongst men and now with his precious Lord and his Beloved Lou. Such a joyous re-union! (Colin and Anne Meier)

    And there were many more......

The Memorial Service Programme - A special thanks to Rev Barry Thomas, Pastor Terry Morrell, Rev George Dennison and Mrs Ethne Buchner for their specific contributions at the Memorial Service but also for their ongoing support to Dad over the preceding months and years.

Sympathy Card from Tessa-Leigh to Louise and Brian (Grandpa and Nono)

These flowers were donated to the Nursing Staff in the Fairview Wing of Fairlands as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to ensuring that Dads every need was met. Their sensitivity towards us and Dad was particularly appreciated and their regular updates to us as the family made a difficult situation bearable. We will always be indebted to them and the rest of the staff at Fairlands.